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Nathan Field was born at Wilmington General Hospital. He graduated from St. Ann’s Parish school and St. Elizabeth High School. As a teenager, he spent his free time playing basketball at Stapler Park and earned spending money working as a “runner” for a law-firm downtown and cleaning rugs for Lang Co on Union Street. 


After receiving his BA in history from the University of Delaware and an MA in International Security from Georgetown University, Field had a ten-year career in international business. This included serving on the management team of a $1 billion UN-sponsored environmental remediation project in Saudi Arabia and afterwards creating and then selling a successful Arabic translation company. While living in Egypt, he worked as a volunteer teacher at a school for refugees.

In 2017, he moved back home to Wilmington and works for a family-owned infrastructure construction business on the City’s East Side. His responsibilities include training and workforce development and safety management of the company’s projects in three different states.

Passionate about local history, in 2018 he co-founded the WIlmington History Society to promote more interest in the city's fascinating history.  He has spent the past several years working on a book project to honor city residents who lost their lives during the Second World War. 

Since 2021, Field has been blessed with the opportunity to serve the residents of Wilmington as the 8th District City Council representative.  

At the city wide level, he is a member of the Public Works and Transportation, Finance and Economic Development and Community Development Committees. 

Within the 8th District, he has played a lead role in a series of neighborhood beautification projects as part of his commitment to growing local community spirit. Field was the lead in the project to illuminate 105 year old Rockford Tower at night during the winter nights.

Another notable project was the Trolley Square Utility box project.  He worked closely with the neighborhood civic association to replace eighteen graffiti covered utility boxes with inspiring murals by local artists.

Ultra-responsive constituent services is a hallmark of Field's approach to serving on City Council. He believes the City’s job is to provide value and incentives for living in WIlmington and seeks to provide “white glove” customer service and do whatever he can to get a problem resolved. If you have a concern or question please contact him at 302-530-6626



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