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January-February District 8 Newsletter

Dear Constituents, I wish you a Happy New Year and a great start to 2024!

To keep you informed, here's my January-February newsletter with updates on key issues taking place in and around the 8th District.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a concern. I'm here to listen. Sincerely,

Nathan Field

8th District City Councilman

Cell: 302-530-6626

PS - If you want to be added to the email or mailing list to receive future updates, please send a text, call or email.

800 Neighbors Attend Kickoff Event for Rockford Tower "Winter Lights"

Last year a new tradition was created to light up Rockford Tower during the Winter months, to more prominently display our city's most iconic landmark and build up pride and excitement about living in Wilmington.

 See NBC Philadelpia's coverage of Year 1. This year, one neighbor in particular, Brian Scott, came up with the idea of expanding the tradition with a "Kickoff" Event. This led to a wonderful day on Saturday November 5th. It featured dozens of food trucks, local artists, a live band, and the official lighting of the Tower for the season. 800+ people attended, in what will hopefully become an annual event.

The lights on top of Rockford Tower will add winter warmth to the neighborhood through mid-February.

Two neighbors help restore Historic Marker to Lovering Avenue The historic plaque that stood on Lovering Avenue from 1932 through the 1990s, marking the position of George Washington’s forces in a critical period of the US War of Independence, was restored in early December,

During the summer of 1777, British forces landed near Elkton, MD hoping to strike a quick “knockout blow” to the American cause. Their aim was Philadelphia.

Washington positioned colonial forces in and around Wilmington to cut them off. During a critical three-month period they were based around what is today the Lovering Avenue entrance to Brandywine Park:

I want to especially thank 8th District residents Vince Watchorn and Scott Reese for recognizing the missing plaque and initiating the process in having it restored.

January 3rd - Learn More About Planned 130 Unit Building at 1021 Gilpin Avenue

Brandywine Dam Removal Project to Be Discussed on January 17th

At the City of Wilmington's Public Works Commitee meeting on January 17th, there will be a discussion of a project to remove Dam 6 along the Brandywine. Read more about the project here.

Three More Weeks of the "Rossettis" at Delaware Art Museum

The most significant international art exhibit in Delaware for decades, the collection of paintings by famous 19th Century family of painters, the Rossettis, can be seen for three more weeks at Delaware Art Museum. I've been four times, and plan to go back at least one more time before it closes. It's that good of an exhibit.

Gibraltar Purchased by City in Deal that includes proposed "street vacation" and Subdivision of 1601 Greenhill Avenue

On December 20th the City finalized a deal it directly negotiated with the owners of the Gibraltar mansion (who also own 1601 Greenhill Avenue). The City paid $900,000 for Gibraltar and now has title to the Mansion. In addition, and in lieu of paying an additional $350,000 in cash for the Mansion, the City agreed to vacate the lower half of the street bed of the 2500 block of W.16th St (pictured below), and to permit the subdivision of the property at 1601 Greenhill Avenue. The Street vacation requires a vote on City Council and will be discussed in coming months.


Mill Road Trail Due to be Completed in Month of January

These stairs will be the entrance/exit to the trail from Mill Road:

Uplighting at Soldiers and Sailors Monument - January 6th

The construction is scheduled to begin on January 6th, adding new stature to the iconic tribute to Soldiers and Sailors from the Union Army who lost their lives in the Civil War. Fixing Overly Bright Lights in Wawaset Park and Other Neighborhoods From the Mayor's Office: "the new 2700k neighborhood lights have been ordered. Delivery, according to Delmarva, will be four months. As soon as they arrive spring of 2024, Delmarva has promised that lights throughout the neighborhoods will be changed. We will keep the brighter lights in the city parks and along most streets."

When will the Bancroft Mill Bridge Reopen?

According to the most recent information from the State of Delaware's Division of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, the project is still on track for a reopening by April 2025:

Highlands Neighborhood Watch - January Meeting A group of neighbors, from each corner of the Highlands, have created a neighborhood watch in close cooperation with the Wilmington Police Department:

Very Interesting DAM Seminar on January 19th:

See link here to register.

PS - If you want to be added to the email or mailing list to receive future updates, please send a text, call or email.

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1 Comment

Kathi Donegan
Kathi Donegan
Jan 02

Hello! Is it a done deal that Berger Communities is taking over the Gilpin property? I'm concerned bc they seem to have a dismal record in client satisfaction and customer service.

Thank you!

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