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Here's what 8th District residents are saying about Councilman Field's representation on their behalf: 

Nina S., longtime Rodney St resident:

"Nathan was critical in getting Delmarva to change a plan to place new meters directly in front of the homes on our block. He organized a special walk through with senior Delmarva representatives to examine each house.  Because of our Councilman's lobbying for us, Delmarva made significant changes to better blend the new meters in which preserved the historic look of our block." 


Paul and Eileen, Van Buren St residents:

“When we first heard about a planned very large apartment building on Gilpin Avenue we were worried about the impact of the scale. Nathan reached out to the neighbors who would be most impacted, informing us of what was at stake, and coached us towards adopting a common position to maximize our leverage as a neighborhood.  He represented our concerns to the Developer and got them to agree to make several specific changes to the original plan to preserve the quality of life of the surrounding neighborhood.”

Brent, neighbor on 14th St:

“For years the residents of 14th St next to ACME looked out an ugly graffiti covered wall that nobody seemed to maintain. It was a huge eye sore. Nate came to us with an idea to change that. He introduced us to a local artist who worked with us to come up with a design that the block liked and she painted an incredible mural. He even does the maintenance himself, coming by to sweep up leaves and trash. The difference is night and day.!"

Molly Giordano, Director of the Delaware Art Museum:

Nathan is a huge supporter of the Wilmington Arts community.   But he doesn't just talk about it... He rolls up his sleeves and helps us get results. Councilman Field helped the Delaware Art Museum launch an innovative workforce training program called Public Art Stewards through his tireless advocacy for city ARPA funding. He understands that getting big, ambitious ideas off the ground requires passion AND persistence to navigate complicated bureaucracy and city systems." 

Anne Bonnyman, 8th District Resident and Member of Howard Pyle Art Studio on Franklin St:  

"Nathan Field is passionate and effective in his work for our community, from representing our interests on City Council, to supporting the arts, honoring veterans, and enhancing the aesthetics of our neighborhoods, among other initiatives. He has been very supportive of the Howard Pyle Studio, attending and publicizing our events and procuring grants for live music during Art Loop Open House. His newsletter helps us stay connected and up to date on issues that impact us all. Councilman Field shows up and makes a difference, and I am grateful that he is standing for re-election."

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