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8th District Update - September 2023

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Dear Constituents,

Welcome back from Summer! My goal is to keep you highly informed and every two months I sit down and write out this newsletter on what's happening in and around the 8th District.

Please don't hesitate to call or email at any time if you have an issue or a question. I'm here to help.


Nathan Field 8th District City Councilman Cell: 302-530-6626 Email:

Instagram/Facebook: FieldDistrict8 P.S. If you want to be added to the email or mailing list to receive future updates, please send a text, call or email.


NBC 10 Philadelphia Comes to the 8th District On August 15th, NBC Philadelphia broadcast a segment throughout the entire region on a murals project co-sponsored by the Delaware Art Museum. Our goal is to beautify nearby neighborhoods AND attract new visitors to the Museum.

Have you been to the Delaware Art Museum lately?

Developing 1 on 1 Computer Training for Local Seniors

During meetings State Rep Nnamdi Chukwuocha and I regularly hold with residents of the many senior living facilities in the 8th District, we hear a frequent complaint: how nearly all information these days is posted exclusively on the internet. We often hear from seniors in these buildings who finished school long before the Internet era, that they feel frustrated, left out and isolated. At the same time, many high school students are experts on the latest internet trends and tools. Many of these teenagers want to get more engaged in the community. To help bridge this gap State Rep Nnamdi and I are working on setting up 1 on 1 Computer Instruction volunteering opportunities between local high schools and senior living facilities. More details coming soon.

Mill Road < > Brandywine Park Connector Trail Work Begins

Thanks to Mayor Mike Purzycki and the Public Works Department the first phase of work has begun to reopen the path connecting Mill Road to Brandywine Park. This will allow greater access to some of the most beautiful real estate in the city and create new access to downtown, Brandywine Park and Trolley Square from the direction of the Falls and the Highlands.

The work is not done - and the project is expected to be completed in the near future.

New Display on Trolley Square Bus Stop Working with DART First State - and with great input from Tommy Gears, John Medkeff Jr and Jim Tevebaugh - we put up a display on the back of the bus stop in Trolley Square.

The display has pictures and information about the historic buildings that used to be located at this intersection. Our goal is to promote greater appreciation for the unique character of the neighborhood.

Do you have 2 minutes for a survey on Stapler Park?

The Friends of Stapler Park is leading an initiative to replace the current playground equipment. Your input is needed!.


Picnic or Stroll Around Brandywine Park If you are new in town and haven't yet discovered Brandywine Park, I can't recommend it highly enough. It has some of the most beautiful landscape architecture anywhere in Delaware - if not the country. And is perfect for walkers, runners or just relaxing and observing the scenery.

Art Loop Returns this Friday September 8th

Two Eight District locations are featured:

Weekend of September 9th - 10th - Brandywine Arts Festival

Wilmington History Happy Hour History Series

Wednesday September 13th - 6pm to 7pm @ Catherine Rooney's Local architect Jim Tevebaugh has been instrumental in leading a campaign to encourage the proper maintenance of the Washington Street Memorial bridge, dedicated in honor of Delawareans killed during the First World War.

Jim will give a 20 minute presentation on the bridge's historic and architectural significance and his efforts to promote it's cleaning up.

Wednesday October 18th - 6pm to 7pm @ Catherine Rooney's

Historian Liz Androskaut will tell how Delaware's most iconic park, Brandywine Park right here in the city of WIlmington, came to be at the turn of the 20th century. Both events are free and no reservation is required.

Sunday September 17th - Mt Salem Church Neighborhood Festival

Monument Walk - Saturday October 7th 10am to 12 pm Brandywine Park is filled with notable historic monuments. Historian Liz Androskaut will give a two hour monument walk, telling their stories.

Meet at the Josephine Fountain at 10 (pictured above). Free and no reservations are required.

Also - follow "Monument Monday" on Facebook, to read a post each Monday telling the story of a different park monument.

Every Tuesday - Tap House Beer Runners + Weekly Running and Social Club. New in town? Looking to meet new people while exercising? Meets every Tuesday night at 6:30 in front of Trolley Square Tap House for a run followed by socializing at the Tap House. Follow on Instagram for more details.

Every Wednesday - "Pickle at Lovering"

The nation's fastest growing sport is developing a huge following in the City of Wilmington. Every Wednesday night at 5:30 at Lovering Avenue for open matches, See more information via their Instagram site. Foodie Friday - Friends of Wilmington Parks - October 6th FWP will be holding a Silent Auction as part of this excellent series.

Fall Foliage Hike - October 21st @ 10am Alopocas Park offers some of the most scenic fall views in the country. Join for a guided hike to learn more about "what changes Fall brings to our meadows and woods."

"Rocktoberfest" @ Rockford Park - Saturday November 4th A great event is being planned by neighborhood residents. More details to follow. KEY CITY AND BUILDING UPDATES

EV Working Group Formed

In August, the City announced the creation of a working group aimed at guiding the city through the EV future.

Planned Apartment building at 1021 Gilpin Avenue:

On June 27th, Berger Communities held a community meeting to receive feedback on their proposed plans for a large (130 unit range) apartment building at 1021 Gilpin Avenue. I held a similar meetings in August with other neighbors and the builder. As the neighborhood's representative, I am working hard to ensure that constituent concerns are fully addressed, especially as relates to parking. I will be keeping residents immediately informed of any new follow up information on the project as soon as it becomes available.

Fixing the Issues with LED Lights

DELMARVA installed four test lights at Crawford Circle in Wawaset Park These are less bright LED lights. Please check them out and let me know if you have an opinion.

Latest on Gibraltar There is nothing new to report since my last newsletter. I continue to follow closely and will provide any updates on new developments. Bancroft Bridge to Open in April 2025 On March 28th of this year, the State of Delaware gave a presentation on the way forward. stating the path to completion of the bridge in April of 2025. See the full presentation with more details here.

P.S. If you want to be added to the email or mailing list to receive future updates, please send a text, call or email.

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