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Dear District 8 Residents,

Since announcing my campaign in April, life has been a whirlwind. It is hard to believe my campaign will be over in less than a couple weeks. Win or lose, I want you to know that the experience from beginning to end has been a pleasure and an honor. It is the voters -- people like you -- who have made the campaign experience so special! 

I've met hundreds of 8th District residents, heard about both concerns and points of pride in our District, and have come to see the different nuances of each of our neighborhoods. 


We are lucky to have so many residents committed to this place and to constructing the most engaged community we can! I've gotten to know my hometown better than I ever thought I could. It is easy to see a future that is prosperous, equitable, and safe if we can all work together to pool our ideas and energy to make it happen. 

YOUR VOICE COUNTS -- SO IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU VOTE! Get to the polls on September 15th and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out or visit for voting information. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail during the homestretch.  

My campaign is about emphasizing my responsiveness to your concerns because I am running to help YOU and improve our District for the better. So in honor of my last newsletter, I wanted to share a couple of examples of the constituent concerns that I will focus on if elected and testimonials from those who have seen my potential as a City Councilman. 


It’s not easy running a business. And one of my favorite parts of campaigning is talking to business owners and envisioning ways I can help address their concerns. 

I recently met with 8th District resident Meg Holden -- who owns the building housing the treasure that is Southeast Kitchen -- to hear her thoughts on several municipal issues.  If elected, you can expect me to work enthusiastically to connect with District business owners so we can work together to create a thriving District, especially through this COVID-19 pandemic. 

southeast kitchen.jpg
Scrumptious .jpg


On that note, I would like to congratulate Scrumptious -- the Trolley Square café and eatery celebrates its 9th anniversary this month! One of the few minority-owned businesses in the 8th District, Scrumptious is founded and operated by Maduri, who epitomizes the courageous entrepreneurs whose establishments make our neighborhoods such an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike. I will be committed to retaining and enhancing the vibrant lifestyle that makes the 8th District so special.



In the month of August, questions about trees came up more than any other issue, as I talked with residents. Green space and the integration of nature within our street life is what makes the 8th District one of the best places in all of Delaware to live. Yet trees can also present a safety issue, as we've seen through the recent storms our region has suffered. In speaking with Patrick, a resident of the Highlands, I learned of his concerns about how this issue affects his property. If elected, you can expect me to work hard to help residents maneuver the complex City policies around tree and sidewalk care and maintenance, and to facilitate smooth interaction with City officials.


One of the most welcoming traits of our 8th District is how pedestrian-friendly it is.  Unfortunately, there are some areas where we fall short of creating a safe walking environment. City resident Kevin Melloy recently pointed out one such area, the street crossing at Pennsylvania Avenue and Van Buren Street, which lacks a crosswalk or pedestrian control system.  Addressing this concern will require partnership between the City and DelDot.  I will work to address this problem and make the District safer for residents -- including the many nearby seniors who need access to the nearby pharmacy. 



The voices that truly matter are YOUR voices. The voices of the voters of District 8, which is why I want to share a few testimonials from valued District residents who have seen my potential as a City Councilman.​

From Lisa, lifelong Wilmingtonian & 40 Acres Resident: “I’m voting for Nathan Field for 8th District City Council, because he has already spent so much time listening to my concerns and trying to help with solutions. I just love seeing him walk down Laurel Street talking to residents. I feel like he's already my City Council representative. It’s abundantly apparent that he cares about and is connected to the Forty Acres!”

From Dan Conaty, Highlands Resident:  "Nathan has a great background of life experiences and he is the hardest working, dedicated candidate. He will bring this experience and energy to his City Council"

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Miss O .jpg

From Miss O', Highlands Resident &  Saint Ann’s teacher for over 40 years:

 “I’m voting for Nathan because I am so impressed by the information he has been putting out throughout his campaign and his commitment to Wilmington." 

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has believed in me and supported my campaign. Regardless of the outcome of this election, I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to run and to get to know the residents of this District even more than before. If elected, I look forward to having the honor of serving you on City Council.


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have anything you’d like to discuss. And don’t forget to get to the polls on September 15th!


Nathan Field 

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